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Ashes in glass or resin? Which is best?

Deciding which material to choose for your precious piece and whether its important, can be confusing. So here's the low down on what to know about both.

There is a huge amount of ashes jewellery on the market nowadays. A large amount of it is made with resin. Resin is essentially a pourable plastic, which is then set into 'off the peg' jewellery. This allows cremation ashes, hair or a pets fur to be placed within it, before it sets. Glitter can then be added to make it sparkle. An advantage of resin is that hair or pet fur can be put into the jewellery. The downside of resin is that it can shrink, discolour and 'yellow' overtime.

Resin can also be damaged by water, cosmetic and cleaning products, so you may need to consider removing this jewellery at various times to protect it.

Glass is an incredibly hardwearing and durable, natural substance. It is far less likely to pick up scratches than resin, as it is annealed (cooled) in the kiln for hours making it incredibly strong.

As it is natural, nothing is added to it other than your loved ones ashes. Any sparkle in the piece is a natural part of the glass I use. Importantly, the fact that glass is a natural material, means its colour is stable and it cannot fade in the sun or overtime. You piece will stay sparkly and vibrant forever!

As the glass is fused and shaped using special machinery, it enables me to handcraft bespoke jewellery to fit around the special glass centre, rather than having to use 'brought in' pieces of ready made silver jewellery. This results in a quality piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time.

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