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Which glass colour should I choose?

Choosing which glass colour to have for your ashes jewellery can be a difficult decision to make. After all, your precious ashes jewellery is made to last a lifetime. Here I discuss some of the things you may wish to consider to help you narrow down or confirm your choice.

Consider wearability

You may have a favourite colour which directs your decision. However, it may an idea to also consider the colours wearability. If customers are struggling to decide which colour to opt for in their ashes jewellery, I often get them to consider what colour clothes they wear a lot of. Some glass colours are quite bold, for example the turquoise or azure blue. If you wear a lot of neutral colours or blues, this may work well. However if you tend to wear a wide

selection of coloured clothes, maybe a more neutral

glass colour, such as the black or silver glass may

work better.

Make the colour personal

The colours you pick for your piece might be guided by the person for whom it is in rememberance of. Maybe they had a strong association to a colour or had a favourite colour that will make the piece even more meaningful. A recent customer chose a shamrock design ring with an emerald green glass centre to commemorate an Irish relative.

About the glass colours

All the 'ashes in glass' colours I use, have a natural sparkle to them, except for the black which is a matte colour. Unlike resin, no glitter or colouring are added to the glass. The glass is in its natural form, meaning consistency of colour across your piece. Here at Forgetmenot Glass UK, I offer 14 different colours. However, if there is a specific colour you would like, it may be possible to see if there is a colour to suit. For example, in the past I handcrafted a brown glass centre for a customer who wanted the glass centre piece to be similar to that of her beloved dogs eyes.

As the ashes are fused between layers of glass, those standard glass colours that have clear glass over the top of the ashes, show them off more visibly. These colours are the azure blue, emerald green, black, silver, purple, pink, red, violet. So your decision may depend on how obvious you want the ashes to look. Do you want them to be on display for others to see, or just know that they are within the piece?

If you want a more subtle look, you may choose to pick a colour where coloured glass is fused over the top of the ashes, meaning that they still can be seen, but they are less obvious. These colours are the amber, aquamarine, turquoise, garnet, sky blue and the lilac.

Some of the standard glass colours have a two-tone look to them. So in different lights, different tones come out. For example, the silver glass sometimes has a very pale light blue tone to it and the red sometime has a gold tint to it.

Order some colour samples

Did you know that you can order up to 3 glass colour samples for free, if you are a UK based customer? Seeing the glass colours in person allows you to see the colours up close and how they look in different lights. For example, some colours are even more sparkly once out in the sunshine.

To order just click the button below and complete the contact form stating which 3 colour samples you would like.

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